Monday, 30 June 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (an 8 year old)

This one little girl I know,
Her eyes beautifully naughty, 
Eyes that got as big as plates,
When I told her scary stories.

She'd begun eating carrots 'cause,
She could feel her hair grow longer,
Beans and veggies vanished quick,
They made her feel much stronger.

She'd giggle till she couldn't breathe,
Walk into wall after wall,
If she was two steps ahead of you,
She'd take two more and fall.

Now, this girl is double the age, 
She was when we first met,
I hope she'll always stay the same,
Ju, don't grow up just yet!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Living in the wild

Our drive to Masinagudi was breathtaking. It was different, for sure, than what we’d been expecting to see, but beautiful in different shades, all the same. Looking out the window, one could imagine bright flames devouring the forest’s greenery to reduce it to the shades of grey and ashy black that it was now. With the baby blue sky as a backdrop, the trees twisted into beautiful shapes and intricate sculptures, it was hard to believe that they were not purposely carved that way. The bamboo limbs remained grey all the way to their sky high tips, but the yellow of certain flowering trees splashed the picturesque scenes with color. 

The resort was similarly fascinating, with the bamboo trees constantly shedding their yellow tinged leaves, covering the grounds with fluffy mattresses. The abundance of swings and hammocks were satisfying, and the hammocks made perfect retreats when the rooms felt a little stuffy. We walked across the stone lined pavements, to a cozy little cottage and threw open the door. 

The bed was white and fluffy, inviting. There was a foldable, small bad on the floor, but this was all normal. There was one thing missing.  The T.V! This was probably the biggest shock we received on the entire trip, so far, at least. We weren’t really sure how we’d survive our three days of holiday, with no T.V.  Now, thinking back, it isn’t such a big deal, but back then, at the moment, it was. After moping about the fact, we decided that we’d manage with a net connection, and watch on the tab.  Unfortunately, and much to our disappointment, we found out that WiFi was only accessible from the main lobby, and not from our little cottage. We walked in happy, joking, and walked out to lunch dejected, and sad.
The trip took a turn for the better when we got over the initial shock of having to live isolated from the civilized world, we explored the place, laughing when our feet sank in the leaves further than we expected. We also went swimming as the pool seemed to be calling out to us,despite being tired from waking up early and the car journey, and the next day was one to remember.

The next day, we had planned to drive upto ooty, and spend the day there, leaving for the resort shortly after lunch. We debated on what to wear, and wore our medium length shorts, and sleeveless shirts, and set out, while the sun beat down on us mercilessly. The people of ooty were bundled up, much to our amusement, and we were giddy about not having to needlessly throw on heavy sweaters in the deadly heat. We walked into shop after shop, our hands tiring from every new addition of colorful bags we carried. The bags were all the same, in a variety of colors, interestingly lacking plastic. One shop was particularly thrilling, with its pretty vintage jackets, and printed jeans. After making our buys from the shop, we had just stepped out, and were bombarded with not tiny droplets of rain, but huge bucketfuls at a time. Each rain drop assaulted us, as we scurried around with our bags, in search of shelter. We had just stepped into another shop as the rain ceased as suddenly as it started. With shocking trust in this odd weather system, we stepped out again, thinking this was just one of the weatherman’s moods, and the rain was over for good. Needless to say, the rain began its course again, except this time, even after we spent half an hour at lunch, it hadn’t stopped. So, with steely determination, and utter neglect to our freezing fingers and feet, we stepped out into the rain and ran, like we were being chased. It was most amusing, not only to us, as it turned out, but also to the heavily bundled up locals. All the same, we were laughing, splashing through the puddles, avoiding particularly large drops of rain. By the time we reached our car we were dripping, with not only our hair plastered all over our faces, but also large grins that had worked their ways onto our faces despite our chattering teeth.
Our resort had not been spared by the rain. The hammocks were wet, but what was a little water to stop us from climbing into those comfy, invited hammocks? With a towel, a pillow, and a book, the hammocks were transformed into captivating retreats.

The last day was a day for the family. We spent the day together, doing nothing but talking, and discussing a book that turned out to be deeply spiritual. Pictures were taken galore as the camera was held at every possible angle to capture as much beauty as possible in a mere picture. The hammocks remained occupied that day, as we all sat together and recounted old events. Though we did not do much physically that day, it was possibly the best day we’d all spent together in a very long time. We went to sleep early as we had to set out early the next day, to come back home.
The way home was marked by assurances that we were indeed, going the right way, despite the sudden greenery of the landscape telling us different. It was surprising how one sudden shower had covered the trees in dense canopies of fresh, green leaves. The deer were taking full advantage of the fresh green shoots that had just poked their heads out of the damp ground. Herd after herd were received by us with delighted exclamations as we scrambled to open and turn on the camera. By the time we got home, we were delighted with our grabs in both, pictures, and experiences. 
- Ashu (2014)

Friday, 28 March 2014

THE WAIT ( the dentists)

She said forty-five
But the clock ticks so slowly
My eyes droop,
And my mouth feels all drooly.
I've been waiting forever,
Has my hair not gone grey?
I bet my face is wrinkly,
Its been more than a day!

I stare at the counter,
Then again at the walls,
Their color is blinding
I yawn as sleep calls.
I bet I'm gonna die,
Just waiting forever
Is my turn gonna come?
I think... "nah, never".


I sit still. My feet no longer tap the floor in erratic beats as i try to remember the words i was reciting only this morning. I form a picture in my mind, of the page covered in my irregular writing. What did it say? I cannot read the scrawl on the page in my mind. I sigh and put my head on my desk, quietly listening to my classmates scratching away their answers. What are they thinking? Do they know this answer? Have they passed this question? I shake my head. I wish i could shake off these thought as though they were nothing but water droplets clinging to my hair. I lift my head and slowly glance around. My eyes see nothing but a classroom of bent heads, moving pens. I look towards the teacher, who is watching me like an animal preparing to pounce. My glance shifts quickly to my own paper. I will leave this question and perhaps, come back to it later. Circling the question, i move on, only pausing to flip through the remaining pages and groan. We have an hour left. Consoling myself, I begin writing as fast as i can. As the clock ticks as a nagging reminder of my failure to write a mere exam, my hand races across the length of my answer sheet. I do not do justice to my learning anymore, or my writing skills. I merely scribble down the facts, the most important points, in hope that I've covered enough of the needed information to score well. The bell begins to ring just as i finish the last question. I cap my pen, stuff it in my pouch, lean back and smile. Our papers are collected by the teacher who waddles slowly across our desks as we shift in our seats impatiently. We are not allowed to talk yet. As the last of the papers disappears into the now-large stack, my class jumps up as one, rendering me deaf for the moments during which the noise of desks and seats scraping the floor is earsplitting. I do not want to move just yet, I sit still.

Saturday, 19 January 2013


Three little kids, run 'round the living room,
one's giggling ,'bout to pee in her pants,
the next one after her,
stomping, a pair of elephants.

the last one is on the table, 
her hairband in her ears,
"who wants to be doctorated?"
but there's no answer to hear.

two mom's in the room,
trying hard to work,
all of a sudden a scream wrecks the noise-
"why can't you be good children and play with your toys?"

everyone is seated,
quietly on the couch, 
told to keep quiet,
by the two mummies-grouch.

the very next minute,
two are on the he table,
singing, shouting and hoping that mom,
does not come at them with a ladle.

there's only one other person here,
quiet and blue-
from trying not to laugh, 
enjoying the view.


Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Artistic, beautiful,musical,
I look outside and see the world ,
in different shades, different lights,
some dark and some fire-bright.

Sometimes beautiful,
with colors filled in so perfectly by God,
in the flowers,birds and butterflies
leaving us to paint in thoughtfully,
our happiness, loves and sweet good-byes.

Artistic in the way,
trees filter sunlight,
saplings push their heads through sand,
adorning land with green necklaces and bands.

Music in every sound,
made by the little birds perched in their trees,
calling to each other,all blending in chorus-soft and loud.
In the splash of the frothy waves
racing across life-filled, blue seas. 

But sometimes, these beautiful colors,
are tinged ever so slightly,by shades of dark.
Still, our world is an amazing place,
even with these dark spots,
these black, tiny dots,
for it has so much more,
especially if its light and beauty we're looking for.



A girl straight from,
a beautiful fairytale,
She loved and soothed and was always there,
for whoever, without fail.

From all those who were asked,
for their fond memories,
"She laughed with me and always made me feel better,
whatever i cried for, with her it didn't matter."

Though not all of us have known her for long,
her name means more to us than just a sad song.
One who helped most of us get through hard times,
she had lit up our lives and still does does shine.
-an ode to a wonderful person who recently left this world after struggling to free herself for 2 long years from the bonds of cancer.